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Have you owned or cared for a dog before? Yes No

What breed?:

Have you ever given up a dog before? Yes No

If yes, What were the circumstances?

Have you ever potty trained a dog? Yes No

If yes, how did you potty trained the dog?

Have you ever crate trained a dog? Yes No

Do you use monthly preventative care (heartworm and flea and tick control)? Yes No

How often and how will the dog get exercise?

Where will the dog sleep?

Will the dog be allowed on the furniture? Yes No

What dog food do you use to feed your dogs?

What training will you provide for your dog?

How will you deal with any behavioral issues that the dog may exhibit?

Where will the dog stay when you are not home during the day?

May we contact your vet? Yes No

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It is our mission to carefully match up the right dog with the right home and provide continued care if needed.

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